Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time for a retool

I have technically been blogging with varying consistency since 2003, when I started writing about my life in college and into grad school. I suppose it was useful at the time, but I'm 26 years old now, and you will never convince me that people actually want to know these mundane details – like when your boyfriend buys new shoes or the time you sat in traffic on the Ft. Pitt Bridge for 3 hours.

Here you will find something I hope is useful to you: chronicles of my adventures in the world of baking and literature, including reviews, recipes, and photos. Cupcakes are obviously my primary interest, but I will bake and write about anything that requires a spatula or some all-purpose flour or pure vanilla extract, so expect to see my baking explorations beyond cupcakes from time to time. I have become a follower of the blogs listed on this page, and frankly, you should too. I have learned much from participating in that online diversion, and it’s great for recipe ideas as well as places to buy cupcake themed stuff. I will also post about the books I'm reading, not just those from which I'm baking. Look for much in the way of foodie lit.

You will also see other blogs related to my literati side – my favorite NY Times blogs as well as favorite authors and Goodreads, my virtual bookshelf. And last but not least, here you will find links to the real people in my life. My boyfriend Mark recently started a blog about our culinary and cultural adventures, and I will be guest-posting there from time to time as well.

So stay tuned as I get revamped, redesigned, and retooled.