Monday, October 12, 2009

c'mon get happy: the final chapter of cake class

September was our last month of cake class, as we finished the Fondant & Gum Paste course at Michael's. As usual, our instructor was really great and let us do whatever we wanted for our final cake instead of something cheesy from the book.

During one of the classes, a remark was made about one of the fondant cutters looking like a partridge or baby chick. There is still debate about who came up with this first, but since this is my blog, I win. I said it first. It looked like a partridge. So I made a Partridge Family Cake.

Not my finest work, but it sufficed. It was cookies and cream cake and was enjoyed by Amber's esteemed colleagues (though apparently no one likes to be the first one to cut a cake covered in fondant, so Amber had to step up and take care of business).

If you're interested in cake decorating, take these classes. It will really give you the basics you need to attempt the designs in your head. :)

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