Monday, November 15, 2010

the last few months

Here's what I've been doing/baking/making the last few months.

Mexican hot chocolate cookies (chocolate, cinnamon, and chili pepper)

Raspberry Lemon Cake (a wedding cake flavor test)

An AMAZING German chocolate cake for Mark's 31st birthday

Star Trek sugar cookies with the custom cookie cutters I had made for his birthday.

Cupcakes for my bridal shower - lemon with lemon cream cheese frosting and white cake with toasted coconut buttercream and chocolate filigree hearts

Sugar cookies for Amber's bachelorette party

Mark and I also did an entire practice run of our wedding cake, which was a two day ordeal that I'll recap at some point with photos of the actual cake.

But if you want to see some professional photos, from the wedding, you can click here. The great photos make us look more sophisticated than we actually are, but the smiles on our faces are totally real.