Tuesday, March 6, 2012

adam's apple dumplings

Are you confused as to whether or not these are apple dumplings that belong to Adam or dumplings made of Adam's apples? I didn't think so, but as an editor, I enjoy the word play.

Moving on, these were for Adam's birthday way back in the before time, in the long long ago. (Think, February.) I'd actually never made apple dumplings before, so this was a dessert first!

First off, we have the sauce that gets poured everywhere and bubbles up nicely when baked. Sugar, water, butter, and cinnamon.

It's always hard to catch a picture when making sauces. I'm too afraid my camera will plunge into the sticky pot!

Dumpling dough is next. Good thing I know how to use a pastry cutter from all my strawberry shortcake experience.

Those are not my tattooed arms.  I can't roll dough at our island without being on a ladder, so Mark graciously steps up to the dough, so to speak.

We got these great apples at the Pittsburgh Public Market. Love it there. LOVE.

After I was done drooling over the apples, it was time to peel and core. Or core and peel, as the case may be.

The apples hung out while the dough was cut into squares for wrapping.

Each apple was placed on the dough, filled with honey, and then topped with a cinnamon/sugar/butter mix.

I didn't get any shots of them in the pan, wrapped up, but I managed to grab one before I dug in!