Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm a CakeSpy finalist!

I recently entered a contest through www.cakespy.com, one of my favorite websites for all things cupcake and dessert related. I entered one of my best desserts - the banana caramel coconut cream pie with dark rum which I previously posted about. I just found out today I'm one of 30 finalists out of hundreds of entries!

To determine who the winner will be, they are asking people to weigh in on the best dessert on her website, Facebook, and Flickr accounts. I'm asking for your help in commenting on the blog, spreading the word and voting on Facebook, and commenting on the Flickr page. I'm entry #13 on the webpage and there's a link to my own blog entry about it. I stand to win a trip for two to Seattle to visit the CakeSpy headquarters! Competition is tough, so any votes you can send my way in these three mediums would be much appreciated! Feel free to spread the word - every comment and "like" counts!