Friday, May 6, 2011

a house to call home

It's a good thing I didn't actually make a resolution to write more. Or else I'd feel guilty for not writing more. But, things have been busy around here.

For one thing, I got a new camera, which enabled me to take photos of things like Mark's cat Maggie:

You can see she's really personable from that photo. Or maybe she didn't like me laying on the floor with a big camera in front of her face.

Also, some banana bread that Mark made.

Some other miscellaneous assignments for my photography class (like water bottles and more Maggie scowls) were captured. But finally, this is the most important one. The one that's been keeping us busy for the past 4 months...

This is a piece of the sign that blew off in a recent windstorm which previously stood in front of the house we just purchased and moved into. Yep, a house. We moved to Carnegie, slightly west of the city and home to Papa J's restaurant and a one block walk to the bus for me and a ten minute commute for Mark. We are beyond thrilled to finally be living somewhere without the stomping of drunk neighbors above or the smell of pot smoking hippies below. It's peaceful, spacious, and perfect for us. There's even an old brick church next door which is where Honus Wagner used to attend when he lived in Carnegie.

I have no idea why I took shots from every angle inside the house, but never took one of the outside. The photo from the real estate listing will have to suffice.

So that's the big news that has kept us occupied for months now. I did do a little bit of baking in that time, and finally took photos with my new camera on one of the projects which I will update another time. But for now, I'm alive and a homeowner. And I have a shower curtain to put up.