Monday, May 23, 2011

candy bar cupcakes part 2

Time for Snickers cupcakes. I made these for my dad's birthday; his favorite candy bar has been Snickers for as long as I can remember. First up, photos of the cake; peanut brown sugar.

Side note - my gramma Taylor used to have one of these nut grinders when I was little. One of my favorite things to do was have her give me some walnuts or peanuts to grind in the little yellow nut grinder, even if we weren't baking anything. We got a similar grinder recently and it grinds those nuts better than a food processor could ever hope to.

This time the mug was Boston - procured on our honeymoon last fall.

Into the oven, and onto the stickiest and messiest topping I have ever made for a cupcake or dessert. Peanut butter marshmallow nougat.

Cake is done!

On to the chocolate frosting!


A note if you make these cupcakes. They are delicious. But approximately 5 minutes after I took this photo, I noticed the toppings starting to slide all over the place. The marshmallow nougat likes to spread out under the weight of the chocolate frosting and the residual heat from the cupcakes (though I thought they were totally cool!). By the time I was done frosting them all, the first few had disintegrated. By the time they got to Erie for my dad's birthday, they were a disaster. So use the nougat sparingly. And only when the cupcakes are 100% cool. Allow for some spreading. But make them. Because they are delicious!