Wednesday, November 4, 2009

pumpkin desserts before it's officially winter

I've obviously got some catching up to do. I've got a list of things to cover, so bear with me as I catch up. I'm catching up on my blog reader too.

I'm probably not your typical pumpkin fan seeing that I hate nutmeg and cloves, and often both of those are used to spice pumpkin desserts. (I hate nutmeg because I am my mother's daughter and I hate cloves because I had my teeth packed with them in high school and it ruined cloves for me for life.) But I love pumpkin desserts. So thus far this season I've made two. I hope to make a third for Thanksgiving.

First up, my pumpkin ginger snap trifle. I sort of came up with this idea myself and used recipes I had on hand for the different parts. It was for a group dinner for the Pens home opener. (squee!) I layered pumpkin bars with cream cheese whipped cream and ginger snap cookies.

For the bars, we have all of the ingredients in the Magnolia pumpkin bar recipe except for nutmeg. And no Sir Sous Chef, being as this was at Mark's.

Dry ingredients. I love how soft flour is. I'm a nerd. I know.

Beat pumpkin, sugar, eggs, into gloop.

Add the dry stuff and some nuts. That's looking better now.

In a pan, and into the oven.

And while that's baking, the cream cheese whipped cream (which would be SO fantastic on cupcakes, btw. Thanks Cooks Illustrated.)

Cream cheese and confectioners sugar. Side note: when I was little I hated cream cheese, as I did most cheese. And sometime in college, I decided to be bold and try it on a bagel. We have had a torrid love affair ever since. ;-)

Whip that up with vanilla and sea salt and heavy cream. While it's going, put some ginger snaps in your trifle bowl.

Add in a layer of the cream that is now done and delicious.

Chunk up the now-cool pumpkin bars and toss them in.

Keep going til it looks like this.

Then stick your face in it. No, dish it out and eat it like a civilized human being. Then when everyone goes home, stick your face in it. :)

****Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (for Dani's wedding)****

Ah, the return of Sir Sous Chef.

Eggs and sugar. And spatula.

Eggs and pumpkin. Bloop bloop.

Dry ingredients. Meet the pumpkin mixture.

Mix it up and add a lot of chocolate.

Get that dough on a sheet with some parchment.

Aaaaaand finish. Yummmmm. Netmeg free awesomeness.

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