Monday, December 28, 2009

my first gingerbread house

Up until this Christmas, I had never in my 26 years made a gingerbread house. I really wanted to make one this year, so we got a Wilton kit. Next year we're definitely making our own gingerbread and designing it from scratch. But this year, we did way too many projects and had way too many events and things going on to take on that project. Next year we're going to have bay windows and a chimney. :)

First things first. Walls.

And then a roof.

Mark worked on the roof, covering it in royal icing and then adding piping and decorations. I was SO impressed.

I worked on the door and windows, adding awnings with candy. I also added the decorations where the walls join.

We built a Christmas tree on the back and marked it with a 2009 so that we can remember it was our first.

The finished product!

Check back for my bay windows and chimney next year. :)

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Amber said...

This is the cutest gingerbread house I've ever seen :-) i'm glad it was displayed in the apartment!