Wednesday, October 19, 2011

grandma stone's concord grape cake

I don't have process photos for this recipe, but after spying concord grapes at the farmer's market, Mark was reminded that he wanted to make his Grandma Stone's concord grape cake. It's basically an upside down cake with a concord grape topping, but don't let that simple description fool you. It was delicious. I'm glad my grandpa and parents picked and preserved a bunch of concord grapes for us so that we can make this at some point this winter. There's no grape like a concord grape. 


Susan said...

That looks SO good. I'm not a huge fan of grapes except in juice form, but I'd eat that cake! YUM!

Face said...

I'd say it tasted better than it looked. LOL. I was quite good, although getting the seeds out of the grapes was a pain.

Joni said...

processing the grapes would be a pain but oh my does that look delicious!!!!!