Wednesday, December 28, 2011

annual gingerbread house

We have made a gingerbread house each Christmas that we've been together, so this year was our third one. We used a boxed kit since we had more important baking going on in the house. We also used the box icing for the first time, and honestly it didn't turn out as badly as I suspected!

We manage to work in the year on the back of each house. Here are the houses in progression from 2009 to now. Can't wait until 2012!



Face said...

My only real complaint with the icing that came with it was that it was a little too runny. Made getting things to stick on the sides harder. Still, wasn't bad at all. Maybe next year we can do the fancy one we saw at Sur La Table

Susan said...

We used a kit from Sam's Club this year! Our first time making a gingerbread house with the kids. They had SO much fun! Since then, I've been researching good home-baked gingerbread house kits and for all the work, I think we will just use kits... Since it's still sitting here and the children haven't tried to eat it yet (beyond picking off the candy.) You're exactly right, there is more important baking to do.

PS- how on earth do I sign up to get a cookie tray? They always look SO awesome. I would totally buy one from you. :-) Merry Christmas!!!