Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wilton Method 1 comes to an end...

Last night was our last Wilton Method 1 class. We even have certificates to prove it.

The task of the night was to learn to make sweet pea flowers and leaves as well as to finish roses. I chose garden colors because their tones were muted and fluorescent pink hurts my eyes. I made the icing for the roses too stiff, which is why the petals are broken and ragged on the tops. As much as the perfectionist in me was upset that my roses weren't smooth like others', I thought it let them pass as antique roses. With the addition of the Austen quote from Pride & Prejudice (it refers to Jane Bennett, or Bingley at that point), it all came together.

Closeup of the roses

and of the piping...

Next week starts the Wilton Method 2 class. It's mostly flowers. Hopefully I can get my icing kinks worked out by then or it's going to be all Austen/antique, all the time.

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Theresa said...

Wow Joanna! It's so pretty!!