Saturday, May 30, 2009

baby shower blitz

My church had a baby shower for my friend Melissa in February, and I provided the desserts: 4 dozen chocolate and white cupcakes with cooked frosting and fondant flowers, and a matching two-layer red velvet fondant-covered cake.

*Note: Melissa and Mark (her Mark, not mine) have since had beautiful baby Gabrielle, and I look forward to making her a cupcake once she gets some teeth.

I used cookie cutters for the flowers of course, and a smaller tip for the piping bag (though it came out looking much like snakes when an air bubble would pop through).

An elderly woman at my church approached me the next day and told me that she had called her friend in Florida just to tell her about the cupcake she had at the shower. Now that's high praise.

The cake was a challenge. At least the hand-swirling-and-rolling-out-a-giant-piece-of-fondant part. I have never been taught how to wrap a cake in fondant, let alone a circular one. So I gave it my best shot and covered the wrinkles with strategically placed flowers.

It was a great shower, and we only had a few cupcakes left to send home with Melissa and Mark.

Not bad for my first attempt at a fondant-covered cake.

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