Saturday, May 30, 2009

the Easter Rabbit cometh

My family has an annual Easter tradition where we bake a white coconut cake shaped like an bunny and decorate it with misc. candy. As Mark had never made an Easter cake, we decided to make one together. We started with two perfectly baked 9-inch round cakes, cut to create ears and a bow tie. (He's quite dapper, this bunny.)

Add some buttercream frosting and he starts to take shape.

Cover in coconut. (I recommend the Baker's Coconut brand. It's super moist and delicious to eat by the handful. That is, if you were, ahem, the sort of person who would do such a thing.)

And decorate. I would like to point out that the color combination you see here is mostly due to me waiting until a few days before Easter to get jelly beans. The only bag left was Jolly Rancher Smoothie Jelly Beans or some such nonsense, which gave us a limited color pallete.

What a handsome boy.

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The Steel City Chef said...

He was a tasty boy too. Your white cake ROCKS