Friday, July 31, 2009

bakery review - nashville, tn

Mark and I spent a long weekend in Nashville this month, and thanks to Cupcakes Take the Cake, I found a listing for a bakery called GiGi's Cupcakes in Nashville. We were able to get 7 different cupcakes that day (since we passed on the carrot cake and the healthy power cupcake, and a mean lady in front of us stole the last "Miss Princess" cupcake).

Overall, we were impressed. We both enjoyed almost every type of frosting, even though we agreed it was unnecessary to pile so much on. I am of the school of cake thought where the cake is primary and the icing, simply a topping. Mark believes the cake is simply a vehicle to deliver icing to your mouth.

We tried the following: White Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip; Root Beer Float; Texas Milk Chocolate; Tiger Tails; Tiramisu; Wedding Cake; and Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip. They came in adorable green boxes.

Here are 6 (not including Wedding Cake). And the frosting falling off to the side was our fault - these had to sit in the car for awhile and seem to have relaxed in the bucket seats of our rental car...

The hands-down winner was Tiger Tails: yellow cake with raspberry filling, buttercream frosting, and raspberry coconut.

The combination of flavors was incredible. I wanted 6 more.

Coming in second was Tiramisu, I believe. It was a coffee and Kahlua flavored cake filled with cream cheese and topped with coffee and Kahlua frosting and Dutch cocoa.

This one was super moist. I was impressed with their cake, as often bakery cake dries out quickly - and I loathe dry cake.

As for the rest, we both agreed the chocolate buttercream was delicious, but the chocolate cake wasn't spectacular and tasted more like cocoa powder than chocolate. Root Beer Float was an unexpected surprise. The white cake was delicious as well.

All in all, we were both quite happy with the cupcakes, which turned out to be breakfast for the last few days of the trip. Make sure you hit up GiGi's the next time you're in the music city! And if you happen to be in front of me in line and hear me say I want a Miss Princess cupcake, I'd better get it this time. ;-)

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