Friday, July 31, 2009

sharing some cake love

Earlier this month, Sarah's little brother and sister (Brant and Robin) came to visit. I have known the two of them since they were toddlers who came to visit Sarah during Little Sibs Weekend in college. It was during those early meetings that Brant and Robin learned to call me Uncle Bobo, until recently when Robin discovered it was okay to call me Joanna. These guys wormed their way into my heart many years ago, so when they come to visit, I like to spend some quality time giving them the attention they deserve.

I decided to make chocolate cupcakes from semi-scratch (my way to describe a doctored cake mix to avoid Sandra Lee's term). I made a new frosting, which seemed to be a hit, out of chocolate syrup. 24 cupcakes in all. Sarah and I gave them free reign to decorate them however they pleased.

They each started with two "monster" cupcakes - in the silly feet silicone molds that Sarah gave me for my birthday a few years ago.

Time out for a taste. We had to replace Brant's spatula a few times...

Brant and his three spatulas continued to decorate.

Finished product? Pretty scary monster.

This one is just too cute. This is the same face I get when I get near a cupcake too.

Finished "monsters."

Some more monsters.

We decorated 24 cupcakes as a team.

Two of the best kids in the world with cupcakes. Doesn't get much better.

Part of the fun of baking and decorating is doing it with people you love. This is squinty me with the buggers.

And big sister Sarah.

Now that's what I call cake love.

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The Steel City Chef said...

I think I ate about a half dozen of those cupcakes over the next couple days. That frosting was incredible.